Minimizing those pores is easy, you just need to know how!

How to Get Rid of Large Pores on Face

How to Get Rid of Large Pores on Face

Pores are tiny openings on the skin all over the body. Every hair follicle in the body has a tiny pore to allow sweat to pass and keep the body cool. Sometimes, there may be large pores on face which can be embarrassing and reduce confidence levels. Enlarged pores on the face can be the result of various factors. Some of these factors may be beyond your control while others can be overcome through a good skin care regime. It is very important to know the reasons for such large pores as the remedy depends on identification of the cause of a problem.

What can cause large pores on face?

Genes can be a determining aspect for size of pores in a face. An oily skin makes the pores appear larger and thicken the skin. Many people inherit a thick and oily skin which eventually brings out large pores on face.

Age can also play a major role in defining the size of the pore. The elasticity of the skin gets lesser as age progresses, which causes the skin to stretch and sag making the pores appear larger. Tiny skin cells also tend to deposit around the pores as aging progresses and make the size of pores appear enlarged.

Damage due to exposure to sun is a very common cause of large pores. The continuous exposure to sun can thicken the skin, sap the collagen and water from the skin, resulting in sagging skin which stretches the pores to make it appear bigger.

Blackheads and acne which are the result of oily skin, can fill the pores with sebum and enlarge the facial pores.
Clogged pores are a result of deposit of excess oil and dead skin cells in the pores. They fill the pores and make them appear larger than their actual size.

As you can see, most of the causes mentioned above cannot be changed. So, are you wondering if you can actually do anything about the problem of big pores on your face? Yes, you can eradicate the problem of large facial pores. The first step should be to prevent the pores from getting larger. Next, the treatments and remedies to get rid of the large pores on face should be undertaken under the guidance of a dermatologist.

How to prevent enlargement of pores on the face

Here are some tips to prevent the enlargement of pores on the face:

- Choose a facial astringent appropriate to your skin type and cleanse the face on a regular basis. The astringent can also kill the bacteria causing acne.

- Make up should be properly removed from the face at night to help the skin breathe properly. Sleeping with a make-up can block the pores and enlarge them.

- Use of a facial scrub can exfoliate the skin and eliminate all kinds of dirt, oil and dead skin cells.

- Washing the face properly is very important for a person with bigger pores on the face. Simply water splash wouldn’t be helpful at all. You should give a rinse to the face with warm water for some time and lather it up with a good face wash with deep penetrating effect. Complete this face wash schedule by rinsing with cold water.

- Toning and moisturizing the skin on a regular basis can retain the moisture level and prevent further broadening of pore size.

- Water-based foundations as opposed to oil-based foundations are lighter on pores and do not cause any further expansion of pores.

- Drink plenty of water to keep the skin hydrated and maintain it in a healthy state.

How to get rid of large pores on face at home!

You should combine natural home remedies as well as dermatological solutions to get rid of the facial pores.

Natural home remedies for clearing the pores involve a series of steps:

- Steam your face with warm water to open the pores and unclog them.

- Take a combination of lime juice and pineapple juice. Soak the face towel in this juice combination and place it firmly on the fact for a minute. Wash the face with warm water. These juices contain enzymes that can tighten the face and brighten the skin. Lemon has a miraculous property to clean and shrink the facial pores.

- Wrap ice cubes in a cloth and place them on the face for 20-30 seconds. Ice cubes can tighten the skin effectively.

- Apply an almond face pack to refine the pores on the face and shrink their appearance. You can make your own pack by grinding half a cup of almonds in powdered consistency. Mix this ground almond powder with water to make a thick paste. Apply this pack on the pores in an even manner and leave it on for half an hour. Rinse the face with lukewarm water and pat it dry. Repeat this procedure twice or thrice a week.

- Similarly, egg white face mask, cucumber face pack, papaya pack, tomato face mask, honey sugar scrubs can also work wonders on the skin to get rid of the big pores on the face effectively.

Dermatological solution to get rid of large pores on face

The market is flooded with many cremes and masks which claim to eradicate pores from the face. However, not every product can produce the best result as the manufacturers claim. You should seek the advice of a dermatologist in order to ascertain the solution which can work best for your skin and also what to avoid for your skin type. Revitol pore minimizer is one of the best solutions available in the market for getting rid of the large pores on face.

This product suits every skin type and is formulated in a manner that the skin gets a soft natural look. This cream does a dual task to aid in vanishing the pores from the face. On one hand, it reduces the size of the facial pores to prevent any kind of moisture loss and evade access to impurities. On the other hand, it provides suppleness to the skin and stops dirt from accumulating on the outer skin layer. Its ingredients like DMEA, lauric acid and alpha lipoic acid prevent skin aging and presents a flawless beautiful face.


Large pores are inevitable for people who are prone to it either naturally or through improper skin care routine. Every problem has a solution and similar is the problem of large pores on face. A good skin care regime and choice of the right skin products can definitely help in putting a confident foot ahead of others.

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