Minimizing those pores is easy, you just need to know how!

8 Amazing Tips On How To minimize Pores

Having a smooth and toned skin is one of the charms of women. Women with large pores look older and unappealing. It can also lead to low

Acne vulgaris

Acne vulgaris (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

self-esteem and lack of confidence. Large pores are caused by many factors such as genetic, acne, excessive use of cosmetics, unhealthy diet and so on.

How to minimize pores? Pores can be minimizing by performing routine maintenance on your skin. You can use a variety of well-known cosmetics products, as well as using natural mask. In addition, you also have to avoid the things that cause wide pores.

The cause of Widening of The Pores

How to make pores smaller?

To minimize pores, you have to know the cause. By knowing the cause will allow you to take appropriate action. Here are various factors that can lead to large pores.

- Excessive use of cosmetics

As with other organs, the skin needs to breathe. The skin breathes use the pores. If you use excessive cosmetics for long time can clog your pores and make your skin difficult to breathe. To facilitate breathing, skin will expand your pores.

- Acne

Acne is a skin disorder experienced by almost all people, especially teens. The itching on acne is often triggered patients to squeeze acne. Squeeze pimples can cause infection and damage the surrounding skin tissue.
In addition to acne, excessive oil production also has the potential to clog the pores and become comedones. If you are lazy to clean your face, the comedones that clog the pores can be contaminating by bacteria and other germs. This can damage the skin tissue and widen your pores.

- Age

Age is one of the triggering factors skin becomes loose. In the growing age, the ability of cell divide is decline. This causes the skin cell turnover to be disturbed. Disturbances in the rejuvenation of skin cells can lead to large pores.

- Genetics

Genetics is dominant factor that determines the size of one’s pores.

- Side effects of harmful cosmetics

In the market, there are a lot of cosmetics sold under various brands and prices. Some cosmetics are sold cheap often use harmful ingredients such as mercury, sodium laurel sulfate, benzoic acid, ethyl paraben, formaldehyde and others.
Some ingredients in the cosmetics, is a carcinogen that damages your skin tissue. Part of the ingredient is also potentially cause allergic reactions such as skin itching, rash, redness, swelling of the skin and so on. Skin damage can widen your pores.

How to Shrink Those Pores Tips!

How to minimize pores? By knowing the cause of large pores, it allows you to minimize pores. Here is something that you can do to minimize pores.

- Clean make-up regularly

Familiarize to clean make-up before bed. Before going to bed you should release your skin from cosmetics, powders, and more. This will give your skin a chance to rest and get back to normal size.
The rest of make-up that brought bed, not only clog your pores, but also potentially contaminated by bacteria. Microbial contamination can cause acne and other skin health problems. In certain cases can cause inflammation and tissue damage on your skin face.

- Reduce oily food and high sugar

Eating foods high in fat and sugar can cause obesity. The rest of the fat is usually stored under the skin. Piles of fat beneath the skin can suppress the skin and pores widen. Lots of eating fatty foods can also increase oil production.
Excessive oil production could potentially cause acne and blackheads. Some acne can cause inflammation on your skin. This will damage your skin and enlarge your pores.

In addition, for those of you who consume too much sugar-rich foods can nourish bad bacteria on your skin. Sugar is a food for the bacteria on your skin. These bacteria can cause a number of skin disorders and enlarge your pores.

- Exercise regularly

Exercise is not only beneficial for health, but also for the beauty of your skin. With exercise will help you detoxify through sweat. By exercising and sweating regularly, toxin trapped in fat cells easily removed.
Expense toxins through sweat are very good for your skin health. Sweating can cleanse your pores from dirt that clog your pores. By removing dirt that clogs pores, it can minimize your pores. How to minimize pores with exercise can also tighten your skin.

- Adequate sleep

Sleep is very beneficial for the body to do the restoration. With enough sleep will help your skin restore and repair damaged tissue. Enough sleep can also make the body more fresh, and the skin look firmer.

- Drink plenty of water

Drink lots of water is very useful to keep the skin moist. With the humidity is maintained, skin health is also maintained. Conversely, dry skin can damage the health of your skin. For the long term, it can widen your pores.

- Use a water-based moisturizer

The selection of moisturizing ingredients can affect the health of your skin. Generally, water-based moisturizer is safe to use for skin health. Oil-based moisturizer can clog your pores and enlarge your pores.

- Use natural mask

Natural masks are widely used to shrink pores. Natural mask rich in vitamins and minerals can rejuvenate skin cells and shrink your pores. The active ingredients in natural mask are easily absorbed by the pores.

- Use cosmetics that match your skinRevitol Pore Minimizer

There are many products that you can use. Some well-known products that have been proven its efficacy include: Bioderma-sebium pore refiner, Neutrogema pore refining cleanser, and Revitol pore refiner. Using cosmetics is how to minimize pores that easy to do.

Bioderma-sebium pore refiner is suitable for those of you that have oily skin. This product can control the production of oil on your skin. By using this product can make your skin feel fresher and look more toned.
Neutrogema pore refining cleanser. This product is also beneficial for oily skin. This product is very effective to control the production of oil on your skin. Your skin will look more clean, fresh, firm, soft and smooth.

Revitol pore refiner, This product contains active ingredients that can get rid of various harmful substances and dirt that clog your pores. This product is one of the famous brands that have proven its efficacy.

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